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How to Fix Cris Tales Freezing Bug on Xbox & Game Pass

fix game freezing bug cris tales

How to Fix Cris Tales Freezing Bug on Xbox & Game Pass

Cris Tales is a gorgeous game that should appeal to anyone who enjoys colorful, bright, and upbeat traditional RPGs. While it has its fair share of drama, doom, and gloom (like any good RPG), it’s always very charming and cute as well. If you’re here, though, you’ve probably encountered a not-so-cute problem: a bug that will cause Cris Tales to frequently freeze in various menus and dialogue. Here’s how you can fix this frustrating bug that will appear to freeze Cris Tales for Xbox and Game Pass.

Game Freeze Bug in Cris Tales; How to Fix It

So the bug appears to be most common or perhaps shows up exclusively on the Xbox version of the game, at least, that’s what we’re seeing and able to confirm so far.

The game will appear to freeze and you’re just kind of stuck, screwed, and forced to reload a save; this is particularly problematic in Cris Tales since the game does not auto-save and you’ll need to save on your own. If this happens to you at a bad time, you could potentially lose a lot of progress.

However, a Redditor recently discovered a trick that may help you at least temporarily fix this game freezing bug on Xbox. The game may not actually be frozen, but instead, the game’s controller is not being picked up. If you disconnect and reconnect your controller, you might find that this solves your problem. It worked for us at least the few times that we encountered this game freezing bug on Cris Tales.

Give it a try, and if it works, great! This is at least a band-aid until developer Modus is able to patch the game (hopefully soon) and fix this bug.

That’s all you need to know for how to fix Cris Tales’s game freezing Xbox bug. Check out our recent coverage of this colorful RPG from Modus right here.

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