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You Can Steal Breath of the Wild’s Master Sword With a Bundle of Sticks

Breath of the Wild

You Can Steal Breath of the Wild’s Master Sword With a Bundle of Sticks

The things that players are able to accomplish in Breath of the Wild thanks to the creativity the game possesses will never cease to be amazing. Despite it releasing over four years ago now, there are still brand new tricks being found out every day. The latest one involves stealing the Master Sword at any point during the game.

Now, anyone who has played Breath of the Wild before knows that in order to get the Master Sword in the game, you need to meet a few prerequisites. The first is that you need to find it, which can be a difficult task itself. The second is that you need to have at least 13 real hearts. Coming by that many hearts takes a lot of time, as Link earns them by completing dungeons and giving Spirit Orbs to the Shrine.

Reddit user RinHaraSaki got sick of these requirements, so they managed to find a way to steal the Master Sword without having to meet any of them.

In the post above, you can see the Redditor head to the center of The Lost Woods in Breath of the Wild to find this item. Once there, they place down a single set of wood next to the sword and lighting it ablaze with a fire arrow, creating a campfire. When the fire is created, they sit down next to it and mash the A button.

Once Link wakes up, he now has the Master Sword in his possession. The best part is that this can be done at any time, meaning you can head straight from the Plateau to get it. You can see exactly how it is done in this video.

What do you think of this method? Know any other cool secrets for Breath of the Wild? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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