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Breath of the Wild Player Breaks Into Gerudo Town Without a Disguise

Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild Player Breaks Into Gerudo Town Without a Disguise

Anyone who has played through Breath of the Wild to a certain point knows that it is impossible for Link to enter Gerudo Town, as only women are allowed in. The only way to get in is to find a Gerudo Set of clothing. At least, that was the only way to get in before well-known Breath of the Wild Redditor Teh_Cactus_Plant started messing around with things.

During an attempt to beat the game wearing just the default pants and an adorable pink bunny hat, the Redditor realized that they could get into the city without needing to pretend to be a woman.

In the video above, Teh_Cactus_Plant explains that there is a way to get into the village and avoid getting caught in the cutscene trigger where the guards sound the alarm. All you have to do is start from Gerudo Tower, one quadrant away. Doing this means that Gerudo Town and its contents aren’t already loaded in when you start gliding.

They then drop to a cliff nearby the tower and reset, heading to the south and then using a combination of Windbombing and glider resetting while maintaining a low distance to give Link more time in the town before the cutscene loads and kicks you out.

Doing this well enough will even allow you to make it to Riju, cueing the main cutscene that results in a hilarious visual if you’re wearing something like Ravio’s Hood.

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