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Best 3 Player Xbox Series X Games to Play Right Now (2021)


Best 3 Player Xbox Series X Games to Play Right Now (2021)

Gears 5

Best 3 Player Xbox Series X Games (2021)

best 3 player xbox series x games

Gears of War continues to be a tentpole IP for Microsoft and their Xbox brand. The most recent game in the long-running third-person cover shooter, Gears 5, also continues the tradition of co-op gameplay. What is especially nice is that Gears 5 supports a variety of 3 player multiplayer modes, making it an excellent game to kick off this list of the best 3 player games on the Xbox Series X | S.

The campaign does support a form of 3 player content as two players can control the two squad members while another player can control Jack and play in more of a support role offline or online. It’s perfect if you have someone that isn’t a big gamer.

If you don’t mind going online, you can also play in two different types of 3 player co-op modes either in the 3 player Escape mode where players work together to get through timed, mission-like challenges; and also the classic horde mode where you’ll need to work together as a team to survive hordes of enemies.

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