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Resident Evil Village Multiplayer: Is There Co-Op, RE: Verse Release Date

Resident Evil Village Multiplayer

Resident Evil Village Multiplayer: Is There Co-Op, RE: Verse Release Date

There’s been quite a bit of confusion around whether or not Resident Evil Village has multiplayer. Some assumed Resident Evil Re:Verse would be tied directly to the new installment in the series, while others speculated that The Mercenaries mode would offer some form of co-op.

Now that the game’s out, we have some definitive answers to offer. Read on to find out whether the game has any multiplayer component, and when you can gain access to them.

Resident Evil Village’s Multiplayer Explained

No, Resident Evil Village doesn’t have a firm multiplayer mode available through its packed-in gameplay modes.

Its Mercenaries mode doesn’t allow for co-op, and there’s no versus multiplayer or anything of the sort tied to the game. Likewise, there’s no way to unlock multiplayer modes by completing the main story or playing through a certain amount of the Mercenaries mode.

It’s a single player title through and through, and you should go into the game expecting this.

With that said though, purchasing the game does mean you’ll be able to download Resident Evil: Re:Verse free of charge when it releases later this year. This is because Re:Verse was originally planned for release alongside Village until it was delayed, and was intended to be a complementary experience to have in addition to a traditional single-player RE title.

It’s definitely an example of something being made more confusing than it needed to be, but it’s far from a big deal. Just go into Resident Evil Village with the intent of playing a single-player game. If you’re dead-set on playing a multiplayer Resident Evil game, then wait for Re:Verse’s full release.

That’s all there is to know about whether or not Resident Evil Village has multiplayer, co-op or otherwise. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki or any of the related articles down below.

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