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Mass Effect 3: How to Save Miranda

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, How to Save Miranda

Mass Effect 3: How to Save Miranda

Choices have a large impact on the Mass Effect series, as something Shepard did all the way back in the first game could have an effect on something that takes place in the last one. Arguably the most important choices you’ll make in the game come down to who lives and dies, especially when it comes to your current and former squadmates. Here is everything you need to know about how to save Miranda in Mass Effect 3.

While Miranda may not be a squadmate any longer in Mass Effect 3, she does have a very interesting storyline that’ll also help boost your overall War Assets. The only way you’ll be able to experience this story is to make sure she survives the events of Mass Effect 2’s ending.

Mass Effect 2 Requirements

In order to make sure she survives in Mass Effect 3, though, there are actually a few prerequisites that need to be met first. Most of these depend on the choices you made in Mass Effect 2. Alongside the obvious one of surviving the Suicide Mission, you’ll also need to have done her loyalty mission.

This doesn’t mean she has to stay loyal at the very end of the game, as you can choose Jack and still have Miranda survive. It is entirely based upon making sure you at least do her loyalty mission for her to survive in Mass Effect 3.

Another odd choice that greatly affects whether she lives or dies involves romancing her. If Shepard begins a romance with Miranda in Mass Effect 2, you can’t break up with her during the first conversation on the Citadel. If you do, she will die no matter what.

Mass Effect 3: How to Save Miranda

Mass Effect 3 How to Save Miranda

If you managed to keep her alive and met those requirements, you still have a bit of work to do. One mission after rescuing Primarch Victus, Miranda will message Shepard, asking to meet them at Docking Bay D24. Miranda will tell Shepard she is concerned for her sister.

After meeting with her, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the dossier about Kai Leng. This can either be found on Shepard’s private terminal or the Shadow Broker’s terminal. You’ll then need to speak to Anderson to find out more about him.

Miranda will end up reaching out a second time via the private terminal messages, this time asking to meet Shepard in the Spectre office sometime around Priority: Rannoch. Since you have read the dossier, Shepard will warn her about Leng, making it so that he doesn’t kill her later on.

The third meeting between the two will also come through Shepard’s private terminal, as Miranda asks to meet in the apartments at the Presidium Commons. When she asks for access to Alliance resources, be sure to grant it.

Saving Miranda and Orianna

The next time you have the chance to see Miranda will be during Priority: Horizon. Shepard discovers messages from Miranda to the refugees, allowing them to go and investigate. When you find her, you’ll have to Charm or Intimidate her father to get him to let go of Orianna.

Successfully doing so will allow Miranda to send him out a window to his death, thus saving both of the sisters.

That is everything you need to know about how to save Miranda in Mass Effect 3. For more on the game, check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition guide wiki. It’ll help you progress through the game, and give you plenty of tips on the best weapons and classes to use throughout the series.

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