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Biomutant: How Weapon Add-Ons Work

biomutant, how weapon add-ons work

Biomutant: How Weapon Add-Ons Work

The sheer depth of customization options in Biomutant’s is impressive, giving you free rein to modify the stats not just of your character themselves but also all the equipment they wear. Given that there’s such a large volume of different systems to learn, here’s how weapon add-ons work in Biomutant to give you an overview.

How Weapon Add-Ons Work in Biomutant

Weapon add-ons enhance your weapon’s stats, either in raw damage or a special buff to a specific attribute, such as its armor-piercing, critical chance, or even an elemental damage effect. your weapon a special effect. You can modify both close combat melee and ranged weapons.

To modify a weapon, access the Gear menu, then cycle to the Craft page. You can then choose a weapon to modify by selecting the body part that uses it. Eg, your Main Hand will take you to whatever melee weapon you have equipped. Depending on what that is, you’ll then be able to choose from one of several different slots to modify. In the example above, we are about to craft a new handle to increase the Grooblade’s raw damage.

Obviously, the more damage the better. But it’s worth noting that some enemies have resistance or weakness to different weapon special effects, so it’s worth building a number of different weapon types so that you always have different options on hand.

When it comes to ranged weapons, you can actually modify the ammunition they shoot, and then switch to that custom ammunition midway through combat. To attach the special effect add-on, select it through the consumable quick menu (up on dpad)

Given that crafting is such an important part of building your character, always make sure you’re taking time to scavenge different crafting materials. Crafting resources can be harvested from exploring the open world, either by looting areas and fallen enemies or by keeping a look out for towers such as the one pictured above. Just smash them down and you’ll receive crafting materials.

That does it for how to weapons add-ons work in Biomutant. For more useful tips and tricks for the game, be sure to check out Twinfinite’s guide wiki. Otherwise, you should see some related content below that may prove helpful.

If you have any questions that we haven’t answered on the site, then always feel free to reach out in the comment section below and we’ll do our best to lend a hand.

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