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Returnal Download & Install Size

returnal install size

Returnal Download & Install Size

PS5 owners rejoice! A new exclusive is on the horizon and this time it’s Housemarque’s third-person sci-fi shooter, Returnal. Opting to shift away from the twin-stick arcadey shooters the developer is renowned for, Returnal sees players following the story of Selene, who after landing on an alien planet finds she cannot leave and is caught in an endless loop of dying and respawning all over again. The whole game runs in 4K 60FPS, and looks absolutely stunning from preview footage we’ve seen, so some players are likely wondering what the Returnal install size is on PS5.

Returnal Install Size on PS5

Returnal will take up 56.101 GB on your PS5 once it’s installed, but you’ll need at least 60 GB of free space on your SSD in order to complete the installation process.

It’s worth noting that Returnal’s install size could increase or decrease in size with future updates. Some of these can successfully compress files to make the file size smaller, while others may add new content which can increase it. Either way, you shouldn’t find it fluctuates too much from the 56 GB mark.

Even better news, if you’re looking to download the game digitally from the PlayStation Store, you can pre-order the game now and begin preloading it ahead of the game’s official release this Friday, April 30.

This is especially handy for those with a slower internet connection that may require upwards of a day in order to download the game in its entirety.

Of course, if you do choose to preload Returnal, you’ll still need to wait until April 30 at midnight in your time zone to begin playing the game.

For more on Housemarque’s upcoming sci-fi shooter, be sure to check back soon with Twinfinite.

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