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Portal 2: The 16 Best Mods You Can’t Play Without


Portal 2: The 16 Best Mods You Can’t Play Without

We all miss GLaDOS’ gentle loving, right?

Thinking with Time Machine

Best Portal 2 Mods


Besides having a really amazing single-player story, the co-op mode in Portal 2 is what keeps you going back. It can be all about killing your partner in the most treacherous ways, or finding the sweet momentum of teamwork. Either way, being one of those funny robots is always worth it.

This is even more true when taking into account the huge amount of user-made maps focused on cooperative gameplay. If you don’t want to play a story you already know and you’d rather play alone, Thinking with Time Machine is the Portal 2 mod for you.

With this very popular mod, instead of being a robot and messing around with a friend, you are Chell… twice. In addition to having the portal device, you also get to use a time machine in order to solve rooms and be a perfectly efficient test subject.

By pressing a button on said time machine (which looks pretty much like a tablet), you record your actions. Pressing another button will then trigger the creation of a twin Chell, who repeats everything you did. This way, you can do the rest of the work and become your own best teammate.

Undoubtedly, there’s a whole new level of strategy behind this mechanic. While playing Portal 2 with a friend would require real-time decisions and actions, Thinking with Time Machine requires planning and perfect timing so the interactions with your twin are actually successful.

Even though it lacks a bit of portal action since it’s mainly focused on time traveling, Thinking with Time Machine does add a new twist to Portal 2’s gameplay. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to check out how far a mod can change its own base game with a little bit of innovation.

By the way, if everything above isn’t enough, there’s a lot of custom content: the time-machine pad, textures, and even an improved Chell model which allows players to see their own feet. That’s a huge detail and any Portal 2 fan will agree.

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