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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Butterfly Beetles


Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Butterfly Beetles

Monster Hunter Rise isn’t all just about hunting monsters; you’ll have to forage for materials from time to time as well, especially if you want to craft the very best gear that the game has to offer. Some of those materials are rarer and a little harder to find, but we’re here to help you out. Here’s how to get Butterfly Beetles in Monster Hunter Rise.

Getting Butterfly Beetles in Monster Hunter Rise

If you want to craft some armor pieces from the Aelucanth set, you’re going to need a few Butterfly Beetles. Unfortunately, as far as we can tell, it doesn’t look like Butterfly Beetles are readily available for easy farming in any of the levels currently in the game.

Instead of foraging the usual way, you’ll need to make use of the Argosy trade request function.

After completing your first few 1-star quests for Kamura Village, the Buddy Plaza will open up, and the Argosy will start accepting trade requests. Head over to the Buddy Plaza and talk to the NPC next to the ship, and you’ll be able to send out a Buddy on an Argosy expedition to bring back resources.

monster hunter rise butterfly beetles

Do note that you need to have extra Buddies on hand, so make sure to hire some from the Scout. We’ve got a hiring guide to help you out if you haven’t already familiarized yourself with this function.

Speak with the Argosy NPC, then select the Butterfly Beetle from the available resource options. Once you send your Buddy out on the expedition, you can call them back again after you’ve knocked out a few quests to collect your reward.

How to Use Them

Butterfly Beetles are used to craft some of the higher tier gear in Monster Hunter Rise. We’ve listed them down below for your perusal:

  • Aelucanth Brachia
  • Aelucanth Crura
  • Aelucanth Elytra
  • Aelucanth Thorax
  • Aelucanth Vertex
  • Rhopessa Brachia
  • Rhopessa Crura
  • Rhopessa Elytra
  • Rhopessa Thorax
  • Rhopessa Vertex
  • Mandible Blade
  • Qornu Waga I

That’s all you need to know about how to get Butterfly Beetles in Monster Hunter Rise. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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