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Fortnite: Visit Fancy View, Rainbow Rentals & Lockie’s Lighthouse (Season 6 Week 6 Challenge)


Fortnite: Visit Fancy View, Rainbow Rentals & Lockie’s Lighthouse (Season 6 Week 6 Challenge)

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 6 Challenges will go live on April 22. One of these challenges requires players to ‘Visit Fancy View, Rainbow Rentals and Lockie’s Lighthouse.’ Completing this challenge awards players with 24,000 XP. In this guide, you’ll find a map marked with each of these locations, and some other handy images to help you track each one of them down.

Visit Fancy View, Rainbow Rentals & Lockie’s Lighthouse

We’ve marked the locations of each of these three landmarks on Fortnite’s map below:

fancy view, lockie's lighthouse, rainbow rentals fortnite

Lockie’s Lighthouse is the most obvious of these locations. It can be found right at the north of the map, in between Stealthy Stronghold and Craggy Cliffs on its own island. It’s pretty difficult to miss.

Fortnite Lockie's Lighthouse
Lockie’s Lighthouse can be found in the very center north of the map on its own island.

Fancy View can be found northwest of Holly Hedges. Follow the road to the west of Holly Hedges to the north, and you’ll spot a fancy-looking house by the coast.

Fortnite Fancy View
Fancy View is this modern-looking building northwest of Holly Hedges.

You’ll know you’ve got the right one if there’s a bunch of Rocket League merchandise inside the house.

Finally, Rainbow Rentals can be found on the west coast of the island. It’s directly southwest of Holly Hedges, and is comprised of five different colored huts on the beach.

Fortnite Rainbow Rentals
Rainbow Rentals are southwest of Holly Hedges on the west coast of the Fortnite island.

Simply make your way to each of these locations and you’ll complete the Fortnite week 6 challenge. Easy peasy!

For more tips and tricks tied to the game, head over to our guide wiki. Likewise, for news and features related to the game, you can check out any of the articles available down below.

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