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Fortnite Soccer Character Locations: Where to Talk to Soccer Players & Score a Goal


Fortnite Soccer Character Locations: Where to Talk to Soccer Players & Score a Goal

Fortnite’s Neymar Jr quests went live yesterday, introducing a number of soccer-playing characters onto the map. In order to get the Neymar Jr skin, you’ll need to have the Battle Pass and then begin completing the Neymar Jr challenges that come with it. In this guide, we’ll show you all Fortnite soccer player locations, and where to score a goal with the Soccer Ball toy.

Where to Find Fortnite Soccer Players

There are three Soccer characters you can find in Fortnite. We’ve marked their locations on the map below:

fortnite soccer character locations, fortnite soccer players

The first can be found in Holly Hedges. They’re stood on half a soccer pitch with a goal, next to the tall green house.

fortnite soccer character locations

The second is in Pleasant Park. They can be found on the soccer pitch in the south of this location, which has been there for a good few seasons now, so you should find them pretty easily.

fortnite soccer players

The third and final one is tucked away in the southeast corner of Dirty Docks. They’re stood on a half pitch, like the one at Holly Hedges.

fortnite soccer player locations

Please note that the soccer players do not appear in our screenshots above, as these were taken in Fortnite’s Replay mode to get you the best possible angles for their locations. We have confirmed ourselves in-game that Fortnite soccer characters show up in these locations.

Once you’ve found three Fortnite Soccer players, walk over to them and press X/ Square/ Y/ E. You can then choose to accept quests from them, which will count towards your Fortnite Neymar Jr quests. You can complete multiple quests for these soccer players in each match.

After speaking to one of these soccer characters, you’ll be awarded with the Soccer Ball toy, which you’ll need to use to score a goal for the Neymar Jr quests.

How to Score a Goal with Soccer Ball Toy in Fortnite

Once you’ve got the Soccer Ball toy, head to any of the soccer pitches we noted above and then select the toy from your emote wheel.

Now aim at the goal and begin walking with the ball at your feet. Once the ball has crossed the line, a bunch of confetti will explode out of the goal and you’ll have completed the challenge.

score a goal soccer ball fortnite

Keep in mind that to complete the specific Neymar Jr quest for doing this, you’ll need to have unlocked the Neymar Jr skin first, which requires you complete 5 quests from Soccer Players.

That’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite soccer character locations and where to score a goal with the Soccer Ball toy. For more tips and tricks head over to our wiki, or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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