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6 Games With Surprisingly Consistent Player Bases


6 Games With Surprisingly Consistent Player Bases

Back in the day tons of players used to flock to these extremely popular games. They might not be in the news as much as your Fortnites or Genshin Impacts, but their loyal fanbases have ensured they remain relevant years after release. Here are six games with surprisingly consistent player bases that have stood the test of time.

It’s important to keep in mind that the specific player counts listed below are not set in stone. Since these numbers fluctuate with the time of day and on weekends, it’s hard to nail down exact numbers. That said, we check in with a variety of sources in this article to try and get as clear a picture as we can of what’s going on with these six games.

Old School Runescape

If you’ve ever gotten into MMORPGs, then it’s very likely that you’ve played or at least heard of Runescape. This free-to-play browser game has gone through many changes since it launched back in 2001. And even back then the graphics weren’t anything remarkable.

However, the deep lore, engaging quests, and ease of access have kept Runescape as one of the most popular online games with approximately 85,000 concurrent players decades after its launch.

Since the game is free and doesn’t require more than a very basic laptop to play, it’s unlikely to go away any time soon.

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