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Monster Hunter Rise: Is There Voice Chat? Answered

voice chat monster hunter

Monster Hunter Rise: Is There Voice Chat? Answered

Monster Hunter Rise continues the MH series’ tradition of grouping up with others to take down powerful and fearsome beasts, whether they deserve to be felled or not. Communication and cooperation are key, and if you’re here, you’re probably wondering if Monster Hunter Rise for the Switch has voice chat. Here’s what you need to know and what your options are.

Monster Hunter Rise Voice Chat

Monster Hunter Rise, as stated above, is designed to be a co-op game. You certainly can play the whole game solo, but it shines when you’re in a party with other players taking on higher-ranked enemies.

Cooperation is extremely important and it’s a lot easier to coordinate if you can talk to each other somehow.

Unfortunately, because Nintendo is Nintendo, Monster Hunter Rise doesn’t have any built-in voice chat either in-game or through the Nintendo Switch app. This is, well, not great but there are some other options you can explore.

Your best bet is to explore other third-party options like Discord. Although it’s early on in Monster Hunter Rise’s life at the time of this writing, there will likely be grouping communities popping up in places like Discord, Reddit and/or Facebook.

These communities will likely make use of voice chat options such as Discord, so consider downloading it if you haven’t already, and be on the look out for groups on those platforms.

If you need help setting up private groups, you can check out our guide for playing multiplayer online with friends.

That’s all you need to know about voice chat in Monster Hunter Rise. For more guides, head over to our wiki. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but at least you have your answer.

To get ready for playing with others, why don’t you check out the full list of all the monsters we know so far that will appear in Monster Hunter Rise.

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