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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Play Local Co-Op & Online Multiplayer With Friends

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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Play Local Co-Op & Online Multiplayer With Friends

A true new Switch version of Monster Hunter that can be played on the go has been much in high-demand from fans, and Capcom has delivered with Monster Hunter Rise. Part of its appeal, of course, is teaming up with people to play co-op, so here’s what you need to know about how to play local co-op and online multiplayer with friends in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Play Local Co-op Multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise

To play Monster Hunter Rise locally with friends, select Multiplayer from the main menu and then choose Play Locally.

From there, pick Find a Lobby or Create a Lobby. If you opt to create one, you can then have friends join you once it’s live.

If you want to keep it private, set a password to prevent random players that may be in the area from joining in. Just let your friends know what the password is so they can join.

How to Play Online Multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise

Playing online multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise is just as simple.

Once again, select Multiplayer from the main menu, but this time choose Play Online. From there, you’ll have the option to Find a Lobby, Create a Lobby, or Search by Lobby ID.

Choosing Find Lobby will have you pick a target monster, and then you can join a room full of random players.

Create a Lobby works just the same as it does in the instructions for local multiplayer.

Finally, Search by Lobby ID allows you to share a Lobby ID with specific people in order to allow them to join up with you. A password can also be set here to avoid random party members.

That’s all you need to know for how to play local and online co-op multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise. For more guides, head over to our wiki.

To get ready for playing with friends, why don’t you check out the full list of all the monsters we know so far that will appear in Monster Hunter Rise.

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