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It Takes Two: How to Sprint & Run Faster

it takes two sprint run faster

It Takes Two: How to Sprint & Run Faster

As you try and save Cody and May’s relationship that’s on the rocks in It Takes Two, you’ll be navigating a magical world with a talking book and a really mad vacuum, just to name a couple of characters. Sometimes you’ll need to avoid and incoming projectile, or just get across somewhere before a timer runs out. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to sprint and run faster in It Takes Two.

How to Sprint & Run Faster

To sprint and run faster in It Takes Two, simply press L3 (click in the left analog stick) on PlayStation and Xbox, or press and hold Shift while moving around on PC.

When you want to stop sprinting around, simply stop moving around in-game with the analog stick or WASD (on PC). This will cause your character to stop. Simply begin moving around again without pressing L3/ Shift and you’ll be back to walking around normally.

It’s worth noting that you also have a ‘Dash’ move which can be used by pressing Square on PS4/PS5, X on Xbox One/ Series X|S. This will cause Cody and May to leap forward into a roll, almost like a dodge attack. Dash is particularly good for avoiding incoming projectiles and obstacles.

Can You Upgrade Sprint Speed?

No, the default speed at which Cody and May run cannot be changed or upgraded. It’s plenty fast enough for navigating the world and solving puzzles, anyway.

That’s everything you need to know on how to sprint and run faster in It Takes Two. For more tips, tricks and guides, head on over to our wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more coverage on the game below.

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