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Bravely Default 2: Best Passive Ability Combinations

bravely default ii

Bravely Default 2: Best Passive Ability Combinations

Passive abilities are really the bread and butter of Bravely Default 2 and will help you carve a path to victory. The nice thing about these passive abilities is that they can be mixed and matched with each other and with any job. Sometimes you will get a passive ability for one job that is better suited for another job instead. Here are some of the best passive ability combinations in Bravely Default 2.

Fast Hands – Shieldmaster

Best Bravely Default 2 Passive Ability Combinations

 best passive ability combinations in Bravely Default 2.

Speed is one of the essential stats in Bravely Default 2, as the slower you are, the longer it will take for your turn to come around. Since weapons and armor make you heavier and thus slower, Fast Hands is an absolute life-saver.

Fast Hands is any speed reductions caused by equipment in both hands to become speed bonuses instead. So if you are using characters that are a bit slower, like Vanguard, Dragoon, Swordmaster, or Shieldmaster, this completely negates their sluggish nature.

This passive ability is excellent for any job (except Monk, who does not hold anything in their hands). I recommend getting it on all of your characters as soon as you can.

Pair this skill with Defensive Offence, which makes you take 70% less damage on your next hit every time you attack, to make full use of both abilities.

Revenge – Red Mage

Best Bravely Default 2 Passive Ability Combinations

Anything that gives you BP without having to use a turn to default is a great skill, and Revenge does just that. It has a 25% chance of giving you BP every time you’re attacked, which is huge in long boss fights.

Even though 25% seems like a small chance of getting that extra BP, since bosses brave quite often, you’d be surprised how often this passive ability activates.

Revenge is good with any job, as it’s just an easy way to net you some BP. It pairs exceptionally well with the Vanguard job, as it pairs well with the moves Aggravate and Enrage. These moves force enemies to attack you, meaning you have a better chance of Revenge triggering.

Do not use this skill if you’re using the Shieldmaster job and have it mastered. Chivalrous Spirit already gives you extra BP when you’re attacked while protecting another player. It would be a wasted slot by having Revenge equipped.

Full Force – Dragoon

Best Bravely Default 2 Passive Ability Combinations

 best passive ability combinations in Bravely Default 2.

If you want to do lots of damage to all enemies on the battlefield at once, Full Force is how you do it. Using any ability or spell that targets multiple targets will increase their effectiveness.

Full Force will make any magical job better. Whether it’s offensive magic jobs like Black Mage and Red Mage or support magic jobs like White Mage, Bard, Spiritmaster, and Oracle.

It doesn’t matter if you want to do more damage, heal your party more, or for your buffs to help out more than this ability is a must. It’s also useful for jobs that use area of effect attacks like the Berserker, Ranger, and Dragoon.

Full Force turns a lot of Bravely Default 2 Jobs into complete powerhouses. Just don’t use it if you want a character to be a Monk or Thief.

Pair it with the other Dragoon ability, Brave Front, which makes abilities that target all enemies stronger the more BP you have. You’ll be a force to be reckoned with as this is one of the best passive ability combinations in Bravely Default 2.

Convert MP/MP Saver – Pictomancer & Beastmaster

Best Bravely Default 2 Passive Ability Combinations

MP is a valuable resource in Bravely Default that you don’t want to waste. Convert MP lets you gain MP for being attacked, while MP Saver reduces MP consumption by 20%.

While these skills are most useful with magic jobs like Black, White, and Red Mage, they’re right for nearly every job. Every job has a skill that uses MP, and if you’re always running out of it, you’ll need to waste turns using ethers.

Use these skills in tandem with the Spritimaster’s Spiritbringer move, and you will be able to unleash all of your most powerful attacks without worrying about MP consumption.

2 Hands Are Better Than 1 – Swordmaster

Best Bravely Default 2 Passive Ability Combinations

 best passive ability combinations in Bravely Default 2

Use this skill if you want one of your party members to be used solely to dish out physical damage. This passive skill lets you equip a sword, ax, spear, or staff in both hands so you can do 1,4x the damage.

Pair this skill with the Berserker class and use Vent Fury to do another bonus 50% attack power, and nothing will get in your way. Also, equip the Indiscriminate Rage passive skill so that your basic attack ability hits multiple enemies.

Indiscriminate Rage will slow you down if you use the attack ability to hit all the enemies on the field, but equipping Fast Hands will make your turn come faster, negating the speed penalty.

Don’t bother using this skill on anyone holding a staff as staves don’t do a lot of physical damage. Other great jobs for it are Vanguard and Dragoon. If you need help with what jobs to use together, read our guide on it.

Those are our tips for the best passive ability combinations in Bravely Default 2. For more advice with this JRPG, check out some of our other guides below.

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