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10 Easy Platinum Trophies You Can Actually Have Fun Earning

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10 Easy Platinum Trophies You Can Actually Have Fun Earning

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of a platinum trophy hunter, then you’re probably familiar with spending an unfathomable amount of time tapping mayonnaise jars, running over chickens, or collecting pointless knick-knacks (Don’t worry, no judgement here!) 

But did you know, there are plenty of fun, easy-to-unlock and respectable platinums out there that don’t require you to take a cold shower afterward? In fact, if you’re looking to boost your trophy cabinet but would prefer to keep some semblance of street cred at the same time, we’ve got a handy list of suggestions that may help. 

So, come join us as we dive into the world of bronze, silver and gold, while we go on the all-important quest of amassing as many pieces of virtual silverware as we can without mentioning the cursed words of Hannah Montana on PS3. Let’s get into it!


10 Easy & Fun Platinum Trophies

Undertale, fun platinum trophies

Toby Fox’s 2015 breakout PC hit is not only a love letter to those beloved 8-bit RPGs of yore but it’s also one of the funniest and emotionally rewarding stories in video games ever. Period. 

Add in a super catchy soundtrack, some wonderfully inventive bullet-hell gameplay, and a myriad of memorable characters that’ll put a smile on the most curmudgeonly of gamers’ faces, and you have a straight-up classic that revels in breaking the fourth wall like a wrecking ball to your TV screen. 

While you’ll have to get to grips with Undertale‘s unique combat system and spend a bunch of time donating money to the in-game Dog Shrine, this plat is an absolute cinch.

To be honest, you can actually unlock the platinum trophy before even beating the game. Plus, you won’t need to finish the more challenging pacifism run to get your mitts on that shiny new silverware, either. Now that’s what we call a cakewalk.

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