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Valheim: How to Save

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Valheim: How to Save

Valheim is the latest game to seemingly come out of nowhere and take over places like Steam and Twitch. It mixes elements of the survival, exploration, and building genres with a coat of Viking culture paint to give it a unique flair that stands out from other similar games. If you’re here, you’re probably a bit confused about how to save in Valheim. A lot of players are wondering the same thing, so let’s break down how saving works.

How to Save in Valheim

Valheim isn’t a game that you’ll be starting over each time. You’re going to want to save your progress and continue your work.

Fortunately, saving in Valheim is very simple. Progress is logged automatically and constantly throughout your gameplay session. When you quit, the game will record your progress again, and everything will be saved.

Once you fire Valheim back up, you’ll be able to jump right back to where you were. There really isn’t anything else to it.

At the moment there doesn’t appear to be a way to manually save and create restore points for yourself. However, Valheim is in early access and presumably, there will be lots of changes and improvements made to the game based on player feedback.

If enough players politely voice the desire for manually saving, it’s possible that developers Iron Gate AB will eventually add the feature into the game in the future.

That’s all you need to know about how to save in Valheim. For more helpful tips, tricks, and FAQs answered for Valheim, check out our extensive guide wiki or our most recent coverage right here, along with a few other helpful guides down below.

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