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Valheim: How Many Bosses There Are & How to Summon Them

valheim how many bosses

Valheim: How Many Bosses There Are & How to Summon Them

Valheim has become incredibly popular since its launch into early access on Steam. The viking themed survival RPG sees you venture through various biomes, which have been procedurally generated, in order to take on a variety of enemies and collect some important items. If you’re wondering what to expect later on, here’s a breakdown of how many bosses there are in Valheim and how to summon them for a fight.

How Many Bosses There Are in Valheim

As of the time of this guide’s writing, there are four bosses in Valheim, each located in a different biome.

However, since the game is in early access on PC, it is entirely possible that more are added at a later date, as the developers grow the experience to meet the somewhat unexpected demand.

It’s more than likely more bosses will be added to the game down the line, so we’ll let you know when that happens. For now though, you’ll come across four bosses in your time with Valheim.

Boss List & How to Summon Each of Them

The first boss is Eikthyr, who you’ll find in the Meadows, where you start the Valheim journey. The giant stag needs to be summoned by sacrificing two deer trophies at the Meadows alter.

To get deer trophies you need to kill wild deer, keep your fingers crossed that they drop trophies, and grab them. They won’t drop every time, so kill deer nearby until you’ve got two.

The second boss, in the Black Forest, is The Elder. To summon it, you’ll once again need to take something to the altar in the area, this time it being three ancient seeds. Greydwarf are usually associated with the seeds, so killing and looting them – particularly the more powerful ones – will help you collect some.

Third, you’ll come up against The Bonemass. Again, it’s the same process involving the skull altar, but you’ll need to give over ten wither bones. You’ll find them in Swamp Crypts, which you’ll get into by using the key you get for defeating the first boss in Valheim.

Fourth and final is The Moder. You’ll need to take three dragon eggs to the altar in the Mountain Biome to summon it. Keep an eye out across Valheim’s map for enemies called Drakes, which are usually guarding nests. Take them out and loot the nests for eggs to take to the altar.

That’s it for how many bosses there are in Valheim and how to summon them for a fight. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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