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Maneater: How to Get to Dead Horse Lake

Maneater, How to Get to Dead Horse Lake

Maneater: How to Get to Dead Horse Lake

Some areas are harder to reach than others in Maneater, but one in particular that can trip early players up is Dead Horse Lake. If you’re one such player – and are at your wits end trying to figure out how to reach it – then we’re here to help you out with a guide on how to get to Dead Horse Lake in Maneater.

How to Get to Dead Horse Lake in Maneater

Found in the Northwestern portion of the map, Maneater’s Dead Horse Lake area is easier to reach than you’d think.

All you need to do is head toward an alcove on the central East side of Fawtik Bayou after reaching level 4. Once there, you’ll find a destructible grate blocking off an underwater tunnel connecting the two areas. The grate is one of many in the game that can only be broken so long as you’re at a certain level. In this case, you need to be at least level 4.

We’ve included screenshots of both the gate and its location down below for your reference.

Once you find the grate, swim closer to it until a reticle and health bar show up. When this occurs, you can then smash and destroy the grate by lunging into it. This is done by pressing the L2 button on PlayStation consoles or the LT button on Xbox consoles.

This will destroy the grate, opening up the tunnel to you. Swim through it until you reach the other side, and you’ll have successfully reached Maneater’s Dead Horse Lake area.

That’s all there is to it really. Other areas will have similar obstacles that you’ll need to crash through in order to enter them, so be sure to level your shark regularly and keep an eye out for destructible grates.

hopefully this cleared up how to get to Dead Horse Lake in Maneater. For more on the game, check out some of our other guides on topics like how to get to Prosperity Sands and how to jump higher.

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