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5 Games That Will Probably, Definitely be Delayed in 2021

2021 Delayed Cover

5 Games That Will Probably, Definitely be Delayed in 2021

2020 was a great year for gaming with smash hits like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Genshin Impact, Doom Eternal, and of course all the games that made it onto our GOTY lists. Unfortunately, it was also a banner year for delays. As many studios had to adjust to work-from-home situations, development times slowed down immensely. Here are seven games we believe will ultimately end up delayed in 2021.

God of War Ragnarok

delayed 2021 god of war

Revealed at Sony’s PS5 Showcase last summer, God of War Ragnarok took the gaming world by storm. Even with nothing but a small teaser. “Ragnarok is Coming 2021” is what the small video lauded, but will that be a reality?

It’s wholly possible Sony initially intended for Ragnarok to release late this year to bolster its lineup, but the realities of working from home and studio restrictions could kill that dream. What’s more, is that supposedly Sony Santa Monica is working on another project alongside Ragnarok.

While it’s not unusual for studios to work on more than one game at a time, it is safe to assume that splitting resources (time, labor, money) across two projects could prolong the development process. Even if this isn’t the case, the major hurdles are more along the line of motion capture.

Chris Judge’s award-winning performance of Kratos will more than likely return in the upcoming sequel. However, with workplace restrictions in place, it may be difficult for the studio to do the appropriate motion capture and acting needed for a high-class performance.

Needless to say, God of War Ragnarok seems to have the odds stacked against it when it comes to a release later this year. So don’t be surprised if a delay out of 2021 happens.

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