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Best Skyrim Mods from December 2020


Best Skyrim Mods from December 2020

It’s been a whole decade since the original release of Skyrim, but the game continues to be one of the most popular open-world RPGs you can get on PC and consoles. A few years back, Bethesda updated it with the release of the Special Edition, and even now, the modding scene is still alive and well. Here are our picks for the best Skyrim mods from December 2020.

Grass and Ground Overhaul SE

If you’ve poked around Nexus Mods, you know just how many grass mod packs there are to choose from. There are several small ones that you can download, and you can use them simultaneously to make your game look even prettier.

The Grass and Ground Overhaul SE, however, is meant to be a convenient all-in-one solution for newer mod users who don’t necessarily want to go hunting for all the texture mods they need just to make the grass look nicer.

You can opt to only use the new grass textures, or use the full version of the mod that redoes both the grass and ground textures.

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