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Best PC Exclusives of 2020

Best PC Exclusive of 2020

Best PC Exclusives of 2020

Part of Twinfinite’s game of the year awards, here are the best PC exclusives of 2020, with Microsoft Flight Simulator at the top.

PC gaming has seen a lot of great releases in 2020, but what are the best games that did not appear on consoles? Part of Twinfinite’s game of the year awards, here are the best PC exclusives of 2020 voted by our staff.

Best PC Exclusives of 2020

Second Runner-Up: Valorant


Senior Editor Alex Gibson: Riot Games was always going to need to produce something special to muscle its way into a crowded PC multiplayer shooter scene, and that’s exactly what it did with Valorant.

The game exploded onto the scene in 2020, establishing itself with a thriving community and exciting esports schedule that have continued to build momentum.

Much of Valorant’s charm is that it feels both familiar and completely unique at the same time;t its 5v5 bomb-defusal loop is a carbon copy of Counter-Strike: GO, but the addition of hero-play similar to Overwatch brings an exciting new layer of depth to the experience.

A cartoony aesthetic and the colorful personalities of its fourteen different “Agents” also give it a fresh, modern feel where its rivals are perhaps beginning to stale a little.

The key to Valorant’s success moving forward will be Riot Games’ commitment to keeping it updated with new content.

The early signs are so far very positive, with new modes, Agents, and a map representing big milestones in between the cosmetic skin packs and battle pass content that it uses to monetize this free-to-play experience.

2021 will likely make or break whether Valorant is destined to properly rival the behemoth franchises that have ruled the roost for so many years, but I’m confident Riot has found a winning formula.

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