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7 Most Underappreciated Games of 2020


7 Most Underappreciated Games of 2020

Despite how difficult a year it may have been, 2020 will at least go down in history as another great year for gaming. In fact, there were so many good games that came out this year, it feels like a lot of titles have not received the recognition they deserve. Below, we’ve compiled a list of seven of those games, detailing which releases from 2020 we think were the most underappreciated. Be sure to leave your own opinion in the comments section as well.

Star Renegades

7 Most Underappreciated Games of 2020


In a year where Hades re-established that rogue-likes are more than just procedurally generated death loops, Star Renegades also displayed how much talented developers can do with the genre. Unfortunately, this title didn’t get anywhere near the fanfare that Hades did.

This dimension-spanning rogue-lite tells the story of a desperate fight between an interplanetary rebel alliance and the evil Imperium. To bring peace and stability back to the galaxy, players must lead a squad across multiple timelines, using the knowledge they gain from their battles in each of them to help progress the fight to the very end. 

Right from the get-go, Star Renegades introduces a gripping story, stunning visuals, and compelling gameplay. Its turn-based battle system and intelligent Adversary system are a blast to experience, as your enemies learn and evolve right alongside you.

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