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Let’s Compare Every Xbox Launch Lineup

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Let’s Compare Every Xbox Launch Lineup

Microsoft is merely days away from releasing its latest next-gen console to the world. The Series X Xbox Series X and the budget Series S fall into the fourth generation of Microsoft’s gaming consoles. And with it, comes launch titles that hopefully show off the power of the fridge-like home console.

Having a strong lineup of launch titles alongside a new console is pivotal for grabbing consumers’ attention and giving folks a reason to plop down hundreds of dollars to become an early adopter.

Let’s dive into the Xbox platform’s history and see how the past launch titles compare to the Series X lineup. We’ll be looking at brand new games, and not ports of games that already released on other platforms.

Does the Xbox Series X and Series S stand up to the unit that was the original Xbox? Is there a convincing enough reason to buy one on day one? Does Xbox Series X have a Shrek game? These are the questions we’ll be answering.

Original – Nov. 15, 2001

The chonky console that was the original Xbox launched back in 2001 –almost 20 years ago. It was Microsoft’s first gaming console, and it entered a space that was dominated by PlayStation and Nintendo.

The console came jam-packed with lots of different gaming experiences for all types of players. Combat Evolved, the first Halo game, revolutionized what a first-person shooter could be, combining an epic and enthralling story with fluid shooting mechanics.

The Halo series is well-known at this point, having multiple mainline titles, spin-offs, and even a TV show on the way. Many could make the argument that Halo is Microsoft’s flagship franchise.

Besides Halo, there was the first Shrek game, Fusion Frenzy, Dead or Alive 3, Pro Skater 2X, Project Gotham Racing, some sports games, and Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee.

There are just some of the standout titles, but you can see the entire list of games below. It’s worth noting that every list of launch titles in this article are for the U.S. only.

New Titles

  • Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Shrek
  • Fusion Frenzy
  • Dead or Alive 3
  • Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2X
  • Project Gotham Racing
  • TransWorld Surf
  • Air Force Delta Storm
  • Cel Damage
  • Dark Summit
  • Mad Dash Racing


  • Arctic Thunder
  • 4×4 EVO 2
  • Madden NFL 2002
  • Nascar Heat 2002
  • Nascar Thunder 2002
  • NHL Hitz 2002
  • Test Drive: Off-Road Wide Open

If you picked up an Xbox on day one, there was no shortage of titles to choose from. While the variety wasn’t all quite there, Halo pretty much takes the spotlight here as that must-have system seller.

Now, let’s check out what the Xbox 360 had to offer.

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