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4 Things To Do After Beating Watch Dogs Legion


4 Things To Do After Beating Watch Dogs Legion

So you’ve beaten Watch Dogs Legion but you aren’t quite ready to leave Ubisoft’s version of near-future London just yet. While the post-game content isn’t quite as extensive as other open-world games here, there are still a few things you can do before you put the game down. Here’s a quick list of things you can do after beating Watch Dogs Legion.

Finish Up Your Side Quests

Things To Do After Beating Watch Dogs Legion

watch dogs legion

As you play through Watch Dogs Legion and explore the world, you’ll eventually pick up a bunch of side quests to tackle. These aren’t integral to the main story, but if you’re looking for more content to get into, these are definitely worth your time.

Some side quests don’t become available until after you’ve actually beaten the campaign, so if you were looking for more story content, there’s plenty of that here. Outside of that, there are parcel deliveries you can complete, along with recruitment missions and other optional activities to check out.

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