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Watch Dogs Legion Trophy & Achievements List

watch dogs legion trophies achievements

Watch Dogs Legion Trophy & Achievements List

It’s time to take back the city of London from an era of mass surveillance, terrorist attacks, and private militia patrolling the streets. As a DedSec member, it’s up to you to recruit the various NPCs out in the streets for the hacking group and use the various civilians and their skills to your disposal to complete missions. There’s also a ton of stuff for players to do, from having a pint in every pub in the game to mastering kick-ups and completing Parcel Fox missions. If you’re looking to get the full 1000 Gamerscore or Platinum trophy, here’s the Watch Dogs Legion achievements and trophies list.

Watch Dogs Legion Achievements & Trophies List

Watch Dogs Legion Trophies & Achievements
Trophy/ Achievement NameDescriptionTrophy Rarity/ Gamerscore Value
CompletionistGet all other trophiesPlatinum / NA
Making FriendsRecruit an operative after completing “Reporting for DutyBronze / 15G
Rise UpTurn one borough into Defiant stateSilver / 30G
Take Back LondonTurn all boroughs into Defiant stateGold / 70G
Every Walk of LifeHave a team of 20 Operatives with different occupationsSilver / 30G
Meta-GamingRecruit a Video Game DesignerBronze / 15G
Down to the WirePerform 5 stealth takedowns with a Professional HitmanSilver / 30G
Death From AboveKill 5 Albion guards using Dive BombSilver / 30G
NO NOT THE BEESNeutralize 10 Albion Guards using Bee SwarmsSilver/ 30G
Hack the PlanetPropagate a hack across 8 targets at onceSilver/ 30G
Shaken Not StirredDisable weapons of 5 Albion guards at once using the Spy Watch GadgetSilver/ 30G
Power to the PeopleHave your followers neutralize a total of 3 Albion guardsSilver/ 30G
Paint Me Like One of Your…Stun Clan Kelley members 5 times with paintball gun headshotsSilver/ 30G
Throw the Book at ThemPreform 5 Arrest takedownsSilver/ 30G
The Royal TourEnter Buckingham Palace’s restricted area disguised as a Royal GuardSilver/ 30G
You Don’t See Me!Escape a Pursuit Level 5 doing a Statue EmoteSilver/ 30G
Could’ve Made NationalComplete Kick up challenge intermediate 1Bronze/ 15G
BullseyeComplete a Darts game in every Darts locationBronze/ 15G
Piece de ResistanceComplete a Paste Up in every Paste Up locationBronze/ 15G
Bottom’s UpDrink at least once in every Drink locationBronze/ 15G
DedSec DeliveryComplete 20 Parcel Fox Delivery MissionsBronze/ 15G
All About AestheticBuy a weapon skinSilver/ 30G
Re-Wrap My WhipBuy a vehicle paintSilver/ 30G
Fresh ThreadsSpend 100,000 ETO on Clothes in ShopsSilver/ 30G
Fully KittedUnlock all upgradesSilver/ 30G
Locked and LoadedPurchase all the upgrades for every weaponSilver/ 30G
Oral HistoryCollect 50 Audio LogsSilver/30G
MagpieCollect 15 RelicsSilver/ 30G

There are also 12 more achievements and trophies in the game which are ‘Secret’ or hidden. We’ve listed them all below for your convenience anyway, but here’s your spoiler warning so turn back now if you’re wanting to enjoy the game without any hints as to what’s to come.

Hidden Watch Dogs Legion Trophies & Achievements
Trophy/ Achievement NameDescriptionTrophy Rarity/ Gamerscore Value
Brave New WorldComplete “Operation Westminster”Bronze / 15G
The Future Is BrightComplete the 404 StorylineBronze /15G
Long Live the QueenComplete the Kelley StorylineBronze / 15G
Hacker, Tailor, Soldier, SpyComplete the SIRS StorylineBronze/ 15G
When Good Men Do NothingComplete the Albion StorylineBronze/ 15G
Divided We FallComplete the DedSec StorylineGold/ 90G
The One That Got AwayComplete “Finding Bagley”Bronze/ 15G
The Nick of TimeComplete “Change of Heart”Bronze/ 15G
A Roof Over Your HeadComplete “Royal Treatment”Bronze/ 15G
England for EveryoneComplete “Parks and Reclamation”Bronze/ 15G
A Dish Best Served ColdComplete a Revenge MissionBronze/ 15G
And Stay DownDefeat a DedSec AdversaryBronze/ 15G

It’s worth pointing out that Ubisoftcould add more trophies and achievements to Watch Dogs Legion as part of its post-launch DLC plans. Nothing has been announced as of yet, however, but we’ll update this post with any more trophies/ achievements as and when they’re released.

There you have the complete Watch Dogs Legion trophy and achievements list. Head over to our wiki for more tips and tricks, or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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