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Star Wars Squadrons: How to Repair Your Ship Health

repair ship health star wars squadrons

Star Wars Squadrons: How to Repair Your Ship Health

Star Wars: Squadrons is here and players are able to jump into EA and Motive Studio’s latest foray into the beloved universe. This time though the gameplay is focused entirely on first-person flight combat action across various single-player and multiplayer game modes. If you’re here you’re probably wondering how to repair your ship health in Star Wars: Squadrons so you you don’t end up like Biggs and Wedge. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Repair Ship Health in Star Wars: Squadrons

Fortunately, unlike other fighter combat games, you can indeed repair your ship and it’s not overly complicated either.

To heal your ship’s health all you need to do is use one of your repair kits which is provided by the Repair Drone auxiliary. As long as as you have that equipped, while flying you can press L1/R1 on PS4 or LT/RT on Xbox One (depending on what side auxiliary you equipped it to) to use one of your repair kits and you’ll begin to patch up your ship.

You can’t just spam this though, obviously, otherwise surviving would be way too easy. You have a limited supply that recharges over time which you can check in on via the hud (see below). When the little lines are full up, your Repair Kit is ready to go.

how to heal star wars squadrons
You can use Repair Droids and Repair Kits to restore health.

If you don’t have a Repair Droid auxiliary (it’s the default in the campaign) you’ll need to return to your flagship to dock and repair your ship to full as you won’t have the Repair Kits provided by the Repair Drone and your auxiliaries will provide a different function instead.

In the campaign, you can also call for a resupply which will restore parts of your health in addition to providing you other supplies as well. This is done by pressing Triangle/ Y on your controller. This also has a recharge, however, so you’ll need to fly carefully until it’s recharged.

Finally, Bomber class ships don’t have any means of healing themselves other than returning to the flagship. You’re on your own if you choose this class, and will have to ask your teammates for help. Namely, Support ships.

Support Ships

repair your ship, support ships

Support ships can also provide opportunities to repair and patch up your ship. These are the TIE Reaper on the Empire’s side, and the U-Wing for the New Republic.

The support ship class can send the following auxiliaries (see above and below) over to heal the health of teammates by targeting their teammates with L2/LT and then firing them over by using the button you assigned the auxiliary to. Alternatively you can just leave them out in space somewhere for teammates to collect on their own time.

support ships

As you can see there are lots of ways to repair your ship in Star Wars: Squadrons on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Make sure you’re aware of all of them and use them to your advantage to survive as long as possible.

For more Star Wars: Squadrons, you can check out our latest coverage right here or head over to our guide wiki. Safe flying and remember to stay on target!

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