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Star Wars Squadrons: Is It PS4 Pro & Xbox One X Enhanced? Answered

star wars squadrons ps4 pro enhanced, xbox one x

Star Wars Squadrons: Is It PS4 Pro & Xbox One X Enhanced? Answered

Star Wars Squadrons brings the video game series back into the realm of air combat-focused gameplay for the first time in quite some time. While the Battlefront games included it, this time around it will be heavily featured and will be the sole focus of the gameplay. If you’re a fan of aerial combat, a rarity these days, it may be a game you’ll want to keep your eye on. If you’re here you’re probably wondering if Star Wars Squadrons will be Xbox One X and/or PS4 Pro enhanced? Let’s get into both of these cases.

Star Wars Squadrons PS4 Pro Enhanced

Star Wars Squadrons will indeed be PS4 Pro enhanced when it releases, however, it’s not exactly clear at this moment what features exactly it will be enhancing.

Right now the game’s listing only refers to enhanced gameplay on PS4 Pro, but there are no other details for what that means. Likely it will be improved resolution and HDR, but for now, that’s as precise as we can be.

Star Wars Squadrons Xbox One X Enhanced

The Xbox One X version of Star Wars Squadrons will also be enhanced. The listing describes 4K resolution and HDR support for the Xbox One X version of the game. The regular Xbox One and S consoles will not benefit from these enhancements.

Regardless of what console you’re playing on, as long as you have one of the more powerful editions, you’ll be able to enjoy some level of enhancement. Both consoles should play the game great and give you the best possible experience outside of a high-end gaming PC.

Soon enough the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be arriving to move home consoles forward once again, so enjoy the perks now while they are still the best of the best for home consoles.

That’s all you need to know about whether Star Wars Squadrons is Xbox One X enhanced and PS4 Pro enhanced. For more, you can check out our latest coverage right here and stay tuned for additional coverage after launch. Safe flying and remember to stay on target!

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