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15 Terrifying Video Game Songs To Get You in a Spooky Mood

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15 Terrifying Video Game Songs To Get You in a Spooky Mood

If you’ve ever played a horror game, then you know how important music is to the overall experience. Great soundtracks can set the scene, make you feel genuine dread during enemy encounters, or the track can even be a specific character’s theme.

If you’re in the mood to feel scared during the Halloween season, then we have the list just for you. These songs instill a feeling of dread, anxiety, stress, loneliness, and genuine fear.

Witch Nearby – Left 4 Dead

Credit to Left4DeadII

Left 4 Dead is a game about fighting your way through hordes of zombies, but as soon as you hear the witch theme, you’re going to stop dead in your tracks.

You always know when you’re getting close to the Witch because she lets out this low wailing that sounds like crying. Don’t let her crying fool you, though; she’ll kill you in an instant.

The game music that accompanies her makes the experience all the more dreadful. Imagine church music that’s demonic and sounds like someone is just mashing the same piano key over and over. Just dreadful.

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