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Best Doki Doki Literature Club Characters, All 5 Ranked


Best Doki Doki Literature Club Characters, All 5 Ranked

Though the cast of characters in Doki Doki Literature Club may not be as robust as some other dating sims, it makes up for this by packing each of them with so much intrigue and emotion, that they feel particularly special and vulnerable. For this reason, it’s all the more petrifying as you watch them be plunged into torment from which they can never escape. That’s what you get for having feelings!

Trying to rank the Literature Club members is ultimately a display of personal preference, and if you were to shuffle through twenty different lists, you’d likely get twenty very different results. With all this said, we have stepped up to the plate to offer our bold attempt. If you disagree, be sure to leave a comment with your own list! If you’re not sure what all this is about, and just want to learn more about Doki Doki, take a cheeky peeky at our list of top DDLC mods. And if you’re Monika, then stop breaking the fourth wall, dammit! It freaks us out.

TIP: Spoilers ahead! Ahaha! …That’s my advice for today! Thanks for listening~

5. Protagonist

Doki Doki Literature Club

Hey, it’s you.

Someone had to be last, and it probably lessens the blow for the rabid fans of each girl if we extend the list to include the nameless player character. Unlike most games that take place from the first person perspective, there is a definitive divide between the protagonist and yourself, so although you steer the course of his actions throughout the game, as you progress deeper, he becomes more of a puppet – a facsimile of a man, and the vessel through which the existential chaos may be unleashed. Too deep for you? I named mine Beef.

Because he is intentionally written to be vague and moldable according to the will of the player, the protagonist doesn’t have as many discernible qualities as the other characters, by design. We know he likes cute girls, we know he is loyal and trustworthy, and we know he is a bit of a failure; opting to sit around and play video games, instead of dedicating himself to embracing adulthood. It’s like holding a mirror to the parallels we all face, and it’s rather troubling.

By the game’s latter stages, the guilt floats around like a balloon in an updraft. Are you to blame for all of this, or is the venerable Mr. Beef? It all plays into the mind games that made Doki Doki so popular to begin with, and it may leave both you and your character a dishevelled mess.

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