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5 Best Spooky Games to Buy During the PSN Halloween Sale


5 Best Spooky Games to Buy During the PSN Halloween Sale

It’s that spooky time of the year once again, and PlayStation is celebrating by hosting a PSN Halloween sale with loads of discounts on titles that fall into the horror category.

We’ve taken a look at the list of games on sale and have rounded out the best of the best that you should totally buy right now to get ready for Halloween. But make sure to hurry because this sale comes to an end on Nov. 2.

Death Stranding

PSN Halloween Sale

Original Price: $40 – Sale Price: $30

Most people wouldn’t call Death Stranding a “horror” game but there are definitely some horror elements surrounding Hideo Kojima’s cinematic and through-provoking action-adventure title.

Carrying around a crying baby and attempting to quietly stealth your way around the Beached Things (BTs) in Death Stranding can be a horrifying experience. Sure, there are ways to counter-attack enemies that you come across, but the game pushes you to avoid confrontation whenever possible, creating tense and stressful situations.

Death Stranding may have been divisive, but it’s a wonderfully realized video game that tells a poignant story with a star-studded cast of actors.

If you’re looking for a half-relaxing half-frightening title to play around Halloween this year, Death Stranding has all of it for you.

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