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Crash 4: How to Play Co-op & Multiplayer With Friends

how to play crash 4 multiplayer

Crash 4: How to Play Co-op & Multiplayer With Friends

Crash is finally back and long time fans of the classic platforming series can rest easy knowing that Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is indeed a return to form. While many things are the same Crash 4, there are certainly some new features as well. In this guide we’re going to talk about how to play both co-op and competitive multiplayer in Crash 4.

Co-op & Competitive Multiplayer in Crash 4

Let’s put this out there first before we dive into Crash 4’s multiplayer modes. Crash 4 is first and foremost a single-player game. While it does have some multiplayer options, they are certainly not the premiere game mode, unlike some other modern titles. They are more just meant to be things to do on the side to allow you and a friend to enjoy Crash 4 together.

Let’s start with the game’s competitive multiplayer mode.

Bandicoot Battle

Bandicoot Battle is a local, split-screen competitive multiplayer mode that you can play with up to four other people. It cannot be played online.

Bandicoot Battle is selectable from the main menu and when you fire it up you can set a few things. First you can pick from any level you’ve unlocked and then you can set a few rules.

You can play either Crate Combo mode where players race to keep a smashed crate combo going as long as possible by smashing crates at a consistent pace. Or, you can play Checkpoint Race where players race across segments of a level trying to be the winner of each checkpoint with the player securing the most checkpoints victories being declared the winner.

Pass N. Play

Pass N. Play (AKA Pass and Play) is a much more simple multiplayer mode. This time you’re playing cooperatively and essentially all it is, is a game mode where you take turns completing levels as different characters.

You only need one controller and when someone completes a level you pass the controller over. Think of it as something similar to old-school multiplayer modes such as ones seen in Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country.

That’s all you need to know about co-op and competitive multiplayer in Crash 4. For more on Crash 4, you can check out our latest coverage right here. If you need help collecting all the gems in the game, or completing the time trials, be sure to check out those guides as well.

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