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Crash 4: How to Get All Gems


Crash 4: How to Get All Gems

Crash is back in his latest adventure: Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Unlike, well, just about every other game since Activision took over for Naughty Dog, Crash 4 is very much a homage to the PS1 classics and feel like a direct sequel to those games. Many of the classic gameplay features are back and that of course includes Gems. With that, here’s how to get all gems in Crash 4.

How to Get All Gems in Crash 4

crash 4 how to get all gems

Just about every level in Crash 4 contains six gems that you can collect with a few exceptions where it’s less (or contain none) or rare cases where there’s an extra colored gem to collect.

Collecting all colorless gems in a stage will unlock a Skin that you can use, and will also progress you towards getting 100% completion.

In a normal stage though, the six you can collect all have the same requirements:

Colorless Gems

  • 40% of Wumpa Fruit Meter – Collect enough Wumpa to fill your meter up 40%.
  • 60% of Wumpa Fruit Meter – Same as above but 60%
  • 80% of Wumpa Fruit Meter – Same as above but 80%
  • All Boxes Broken – Find and destroy every box/crate
  • Hidden Gem – Find a secret hidden colorless gem
  • Complete Stage With Three or Less Deaths – Whether it’s Retro or Modern, complete the level without dying more than three times

The objectives are fairly straightforward, however, here are a few tips.

For the Wumpa Fruit gems just simply make sure you’re collecting as many as you can. The Crash/Golden Wumpa Fruit crates will give you lots of fruit so definitely go after them. Also the Bonus in each level will also reward you with lots of fruit usually, so don’t skip them.

Breaking all the crates and boxes can be tricky. Take your time in each level and try to explore every possible path you can find. Try not to go too fast when you’re going for this because you might accidentally block yourself out from reaching a box if you rush through a puzzle section.

Also it may be impossible to get to some boxes without first finding certain colored gems such as the Ruby Red. Finally, remember that you don’t need to break Nitro crates. There will also be a Nitro crate at the end of the stage to break them all for you.

The Hidden Gem is exactly what it sounds like. Every stage will have a gem that is tucked away somewhere hidden or in a hard to reach area that you’ll have to find.

Dying three times or less just requires practice. Once you get familiar with how to clear the whole stage and avoid its obstacles, you should be able to clear this easily. Try to just complete the level once and then return to it on the Dimensional Map.

As far as the colored gems go, once we have pin-pointed all the locations we will update this guide.

That’s all you need to know for how to get all gems in Crash 4. For more on Crash 4, you can check out our latest coverage right here.

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