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Best Bethesda Games You Should Play Right Now

best bethesda games

Best Bethesda Games You Should Play Right Now

Bethesda, now a Microsoft studio, is one of the the world’s most beloved video game publishers thanks to its famed IPs such as The Elder Scrolls, and efforts as a publisher as well. Let’s take a look at seven of the best Bethesda games that are easily accessible and are worth playing right now.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Best Bethesda Games

Surely, you’ve heard of Skyrim? It’s the sprawling, fantastical open-world RPG still played by tens of millions across basically every gaming platform nearly ten years after its initial release. How else could we kick off a list of the best Bethesda games?

Obviously, Skyrim is a must-play, even if its graphics and certain elements of its gameplay experience feel a little antiquated by modern standards. But few modern video games can replicate that same sense of boundless, unlimited exploration as there is in Skyrim. And for the lore hounds out there, there’s simply no rival to the incredible depth of story and lore in The Elder Scrolls Universe.

Even once you’ve played the 100+ hours of story and DLC content, Skyrim’s thriving modding community has realized hundreds, if not thousands, of new ways to experience the snowing plains of Tamriel’s frigid northern expanses.

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