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Super Mario Sunshine: How Many Blue Coins There Are

mario sunshine blue coins

Super Mario Sunshine: How Many Blue Coins There Are

Blue Coins are a collectible in Super Mario Sunshine that can also earn you Shines. For every 10 Blue Coins you find in the game, you’ll earn one Shine. As such, if you’re struggling to unlock levels, turning your attention to seeking these scattered throughout the various worlds and episodes can certainly be worth your time. In this guide, we’ll talk you through how many Blue Coins there are in Super Mario Sunshine, as well as how to get them.

Super Mario Sunshine has recently come back into the limelight due to the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars on the Nintendo Switch. The game packs Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy into one complete package.

How Many Super Mario Sunshine Blue Coins Are There?

In short, there are 240 Blue Coins to be found in Super Mario Sunshine. Each time you find 10 of these, you’ll unlock a Blue Coin Shine Sprite to add to your collection.

You can find each of the 240 Blue Coins in the following areas:

  • There are 30 Blue Coins in each World/ Stage, giving you a total of 210 to be found throughout all of the ‘episodes’ in the game.
  • There are 20 Blue Coins scattered throughout the Delfino Plaza hub world. Be sure to check this thoroughly as you unlock more abilities for Mario and FLUDD.
  • The final stage, Corona Mountain, has 10 Blue Coins of its own.

How to Get Blue Coins in Super Mario Sunshine

Blue Coins are rarely just hiding in plain sight. They’ll often require you to keep your eyes peeled for some sort of small puzzle, or something unusual that might need your attention. We’ve listed a handful of different ways you may get Blue Coins below:

  • Ground Pounding Objects
  • In Difficult to Reach Places
  • Cleaning Off M Graffiti
  • Cleaning Off X’s, O’s, Triangle Graffiti
  • Spraying Areas with Your Squirt Nozzle
  • Defeating Certain Enemy Types
  • Revealing Shine Paintings by Spraying Sand
  • Using FLUDD on NPCs That are on Fire or Covered in Mud
  • Using Yoshi to Eat Various Items in Certain Areas

For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to head on over to our Super Mario 3D All-Stars guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our guides below.

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