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Avengers Game: How to Change Difficulty

Marvel's Avengers, How to Change Difficulty

Avengers Game: How to Change Difficulty

While Marvel’s Avengers is fairly straight-forward in terms of its gameplay and easy enough to get a grasp on, it does have some sections that’ll give you a run for your money while others may prove too easy. Should you encounter this dilemma, you may find yourself wondering if you can tweak how challenging the game is, and that’s why we’re here with a guide on how to change the difficulty on Avengers Game.

How to Change the Difficulty in Avengers Game

As with most other games, you’ll need to go digging through a few menus to change the difficulty in Marvel’s Avengers.

First, press the Options Button on PlayStation 4 or the Menu Button on the Xbox One. Then, select the Options tab, scroll down to the Settings tab and select it. This will bring up another queue of sub-menus, and one option will be Gameplay.

Select it, and then look for the Campaign Difficulty tab at the bottom. Through this, you can choose between four difficulty settings to apply to the single-player campaign: Easy, Normal, Hard and Brutal. The harder the difficulty, the more powerful enemies you encounter will be, with each one granted a boost in their power level, offensive strength and defensive strength in higher difficulty settings.

Is there a Difficulty Trophy?

Of course, if you’re a Trophy hound, you might also be asking: Does changing the difficulty affect whether you can earn certain trophies in Marvel’s Avengers?

Fortunately, the answer is no. The game doesn’t have any difficulty Trophies tied to the campaign. The only trophies allocated are related to progression and completing specific, mandatory tasks. As such, you can tweak the settings as much or as little as you wish without fear of reprecussions.

Hopefully this cleared up how to change the difficulty in Marvel’s Avengers. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki. It has plenty of tips, tricks and info tied to other hot topics like how to break enemy shields and how to use Photo Mode.

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