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Henry Stickmin: How to Get All Medals in Fleeing the Complex

fleeing the complex all medals

Henry Stickmin: How to Get All Medals in Fleeing the Complex

Newgrounds is home to some of the most iconic internet content of the early 2000s. And thanks to developer, Puffballs, a whole new generation can experience a taste of that era with Henry Stickmin. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get all medals in Fleeing the Complex.

How to Get All Medals in Fleeing the Complex

If you’re playing the original or the remake, then a handful of medals will be exactly the same (pretty much just the different rank medals). Otherwise, even some of the most experienced players of the original title might have a hard time getting them all.


First, here’s a list of all the medals from the original version of Escaping the Complex. If you’re new to the game and not playing the remake, then this is the list you’ll want to follow.

  • Rank GI: You can get the Ghost Inmate rank medal by clicking on these buttons in order: boost up, left, whoopee cushion, power jump, balloon, helium, leaf, dinghy.
  • Rank PD: The Presumed Dead rank medal can be obtained by clicking on these buttons in order: charge tackle, acrobatics, item, lower middle man, truck, slam, then wait.
  • Rank CA: The Convict Allies rank medal is earned by clicking on these buttons in order: boost up, up, synchronized takedown, the force, sniper rifle + taser, toss, make a face, then click the far-right arrow to select the motorbike.
  • Rank IRO: To get the International Rescue Operative rank medal, you must click on these buttons in order: wait for transfer, laser plane, government, flash, mini helicopter, up, then click the guy on the far left.
  • Rank TB: To earn The Betrayal rank medal you can click on these buttons in order: wait for transfer, laser plane, toppat clan, drill pod, sick ride.
  • Kredit 2 Team: Watch the credits without skipping them.
  • Patron of Tunes: Once you get any ending you must wait for the music credits to appear. Click on the screen and it will launch a music player and award you with this medal.
  • Master of The Wall: This is like the platinum trophy of the game. Once you have every other medal, click on it to get it.
  • Golden Boy: If you’re new, then you just might get this accidentally. You need to get all 60 unique fail animations to earn this medal.
  • 101 Failmations: This one is a bit easier for beginners. You don’t need to get different fail animations here. You just need to fail 101 different times.
  • Rise and Shine: This one is a bit more tricky. You need to click on five different specific characters who are holding briefcases throughout the game. You can find the full list below:
    • 1: While at the Docks, use the leaf. While you’re flying, you should see the first guy on the left. Don’t forget to click him.
    • 2: At some point, you’ll run into a spot with two elevators. Click on toss once you get here. Once you get outside, you’ll find the second man you need to click on in the middle of the screen. The camera will pan right quickly, so don’t miss him.
    • 3: While in The Yard (Tactical), choose to attack the enemy to the left. You will defeat the enemy and after that, you’ll see a building with a door in the upper right of the background. Quickly click the door and the guy that comes out.
    • 4: The next guy is in Cafeteria (Government). Click on Earthbend. Henry will do some earthbending. Once he pulls up a slab on concrete to block some bullets, get ready to click. A chunk of concrete will come flying towards you and then the camera will cut to some enemies. Click the guy holding a briefcase in the top left corner.
    • 5: The last guy can be found in Phone a Friend. Choose Toppat Clan. While you wait for their arrival, Henry will peek out into the cafeteria. The final briefcase-toting guy is located in the upper left of the screen.
  • bruUGHNO: To get this medal you need to click on all three moons. The first one can be found during the airport section of the PD ending. Number two can be found during the Transfer Cells Blockade. Click the button that looks like a Mario Kart Item block. The moon you can click on shows up for a split-second in the upper right once you get outside. Click Shadozer at the docks to find the third moon. Click it quickly when it appears since the camera will cut away quickly.
  • Nailed It: Make Henry land safely in three spots where he normally falls. The first one is in the Solo Outside Security. Henry looks like he’s going to fall into the space he needs to go in. Click it to make him land safely. Next up is Bowels of the Complex. At some ponit Henry will escape through the air ducts and find himself at the Docks. Click the ground to land safely again. Finally, when you use leaf at the docks, click the ground that he is trying to land on in order to make it there safely.
  • Waldo: To get Waldo you need to find Waldo. He can be found during the Convict Allies ending of the game. Look to the far right and you should see him right behind a rock.
  • xXn00bslayerXx: To get this fittingly-named medal, you need to perform the Sniper Rifle and Crossbow combo. After failing, click the screen to run back the replay and get the medal
  • aeiou: This one is a bit out there and you probably wouldn’t do this, to begin with. Click on aeiou on the plunger boots fail screen seven times to get this medal.
  • Spooked: You need to be in The Yard (Tactical) in order to get this medal. Go all the way to the left (into the building) and you should fail. Freddy Fazbear will make a cameo jumpscare and you’ll unlock the Spooked medal.
  • Easy Medal: You can only unlock this medal from the slingshot fail screen. Just keep on clicking the different responses that come up during this screen until you see one that tells you to not press the button. If you wait, then a new button will come up that tells you to press it. Then you can continue clicking any buttons that show up until you get this medal.

Henry Stickmin Collection

All the rank medals in the Fleeing the Complex section of The Henry Stickmin Collection here are the same as the original in-browser flash game. If you need to see how to get them, refer to the steps above.

Any other medals that have the same requirements in both versions will say so down below. Here’s the full medals list:

  • Rank GI: See above
  • Rank PD: See above
  • Rank CA: See above
  • Rank IRO: See above
  • Rank TB: See above
  • Notorious Failster: This is just like the Golden Boy medal in the previous version. Get all 60 unique fails to get this one.
  • Roll Call: This one might take you a while, but if you just keep playing through the game, you should get it eventually. To get the Roll Call Medal, you need to find all 75 character bios.
  • Nailed it!: See above
  • Rise ‘n Shine: See above
  • brUGHNO: See above
  • Waldorf: See Waldo above
  • xXN00bslayerXx: See above
  • aeiou: See above
  • Easy Achievement: See above
  • Spooked: See above

That’s everything you need to know about how to get all medals in Henry Stickmin: Fleeing the Complex. If any of these directions aren’t completely clear to you, then just let us know in the comments and we’ll see if we can clarify what you need to do. And for any other guides, just stick with Twinfinite.

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