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Among Us: How to Do Tasks (Crew & Imposter)

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Among Us: How to Do Tasks (Crew & Imposter)

In Among Us, regardless of whether you’re a crew member or an Impostor, the main goal is survival. Depending on your motives, that will mean a number of different things regarding how you’ll play the game. Either way, tasks are vital to each side. Here is everything you need to know about how to do tasks in Among Us.

How to Do Tasks in Among Us

Depending on the map you’re playing on, you’ll have a number of different tasks assigned to you throughout the map, listed in the top left corner. The goal is to complete every single one of these without getting killed.

There are three types of tasks: Common, Short, and Long. These can be set by the host, but each member general four.

For example, if common is selected, every crewmate will have the same common task.

Most of these will be pretty straightforward, ranging from moving a lever to get rid of garbage to connecting wires of the same color. The danger in completing these is that it leaves you completely exposed.

Alongside these regular objectives, there will also be sabotage tasks that pop up when activated by the Impostor.


When sabotage occurs, like Comms Failure, you’ll need to head to an area marked on the map to fix it. Some instances will result in a game over if not fixed, like O2 depletion for example.

Just like with other Common, Short, and Long objectives, you’ll be at risk of being killed when completing this if alone.

How to Fake Tasks

Even if you’re an Impostor, tasks are still vital to surviving in Among Us. They’ll need to have a list of jobs they were completing in order to stay hidden among the crew members.

Thankfully, Impostors aren’t entirely left in the dark. When playing as the bad guys, you’ll be provided a list of possible tasks that you can say you were doing.

Between the three tasks, you need to be careful as to which ones you fake. Not only do some have animations alongside them that can be seen, specific ones only take place in certain areas.

That means that if you’re faking a Common, Short, or Long task in a certain area, it better match up to wherever you were standing and acting like you were doing it.

That is everything you need to know about how to do tasks in Among Us. If you need more gameplay help, general news, or other guides for the game, be sure to search Twinfinite or scroll down below.

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