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NBA 2K21: Best MyCareer Builds for Every Position


NBA 2K21: Best MyCareer Builds for Every Position

If you’ve ever spent a good amount of time playing online in the Neighborhood or Pro-Am, you know that a good build is necessary. But some builds are better than others, so I spent some time making a few in the new demo. Here are the best build for each position in NBA 2K21.

Point Guard – Playmaking Shot Creator

NBA 2K21 Builds
Skill BreakdownPlaymaking & Shooting split
Physical ProfileHighest Speed
Set Your Potential2 Finishing, 22 Shooting, 22 Playmaking, 6 Def/Reb
TakeoverShot Creator

You’ll want to choose the pie chart with the most yellow and green in it for this build. It’ll give you the most Playmaking and Shooting badges without one being too high or too low.

For the Physical Profile, simply choose the chart with the highest speed and acceleration, since that’s what you’ll be needing for the best Point Guard build in NBA 2K21. Strength and Vertical don’t matter here.

When setting your Potential, you’ll want to max out your mid-range and three-point shots, and your pass accuracy and ball handle first.

The rest of the points can be distributed depending on where you want more badges. I put a bit more in defense so that I wasn’t completely useless on that end. The image above should help as a guide.

Height should generally be between 6’2” and 6’4” for this build, and your Weight and Wingspan should be the lowest possible to add more points to Shooting.

Your Takeover in NBA 2K21 should be either Shot Creator or Playmaker for this build, depending on if you want to be more of a scorer or a passer that sets up teammates.

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