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Hyper Scape: Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Hyper Scape: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Drop in the Right Spot

Hyper Scape Tips and Tricks

Similar to other Battle Royale games out in the wild right now, the beginning of every match in Hyper Scape starts with the players dropping down into the map via some sort of escape pod.

You’ll notice that there are several different areas to choose from but if you see any locations with bold orange text, those are going to be hot spots for the competition.

Those highlighted locations such as The Line, the Food Court, and Archives are home to rare weapons and Hacks (abilities you can pick up), which leads to them getting crowded.

If you’re feeling risky and want to bet your life for some top-tier weapons, then go for it, but if this is your first time playing Hyper Scape, we would recommend dropping into a location that’s not so popular.

Avoid any huge open spaces and be on the lookout for buildings that have multiple floors and staircases, as these tend to have tons of loot.

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