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Ooblets: How to Get Oobsidian

ooblets oobsidian

Ooblets: How to Get Oobsidian

Oobsidian is one of the rarer materials you’ll need to find in Ooblets. It’s also one of the key components of Oobcoops, which you’ll need to store your various Ooblets and have them work on your farm so you can focus on other things. In this guide, we’ll talk you through every single way you can get Oobsidian in Ooblets so you can bring in as much as possible each day.

Every Way to Get Oobsidian in Ooblets


1. Foraging Around Badgetown

The first and most obvious means of getting Oobsidian in Ooblets is to simply go foraging around Badgetown.

oobsidian in ooblets

Oobsidian is an incredibly rare drop, but we managed to find some just lying around the north of Badgetown. As we said, though, this is incredibly rare to find lying around the town.

2. Spending 100 Wishies at the Wishywell

Another way to get Obsidian is to go to the Wishywell right in the center of your town. It actually looks more like a fountain than a well, but oh well!

how to get oobsidian in ooblets

Go and interact with the Wishywell and you’ll be given a whole list of things you can purchase with your Wishies, which are earned by completing various objectives and challenges each day. You’ll need to spend 100 Wishies to buy a single piece of Oobsidian, but if you’re really struggling, it’s always an option.

3. Breaking Rocks for Oobsidian in Ooblets

A lot of the materials you need in Ooblets can be found by simply breaking down other items. Oobsidian is no different, and is a rare drop from smashing any rocks you find on your farm.

Smashing rocks does use up a lot of energy, but they’ll either give you Nurny’s, or if you’re lucky you might get an Oobsidian drop from one. If you clear your entire farm, chances are you’ll get at least one.

4. Glimmering Ooblets in an Oobcoop

Finally, if you’ve already have some Oobsidian and set up an Oobcoop on your farm, you can place a Glimmering Ooblet in the Oobcoop. This will often result in Oobsidian being provided, which is a nice passive bonus.

There you have everything you need to know on how to get Oobsidian in Ooblets. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the game, be sure to check out even more of our coverage below.

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