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Top 10 Best Animal Crossing Non-Villager Characters, Ranked

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Top 10 Best Animal Crossing Non-Villager Characters, Ranked

The Animal Crossing series is full of hundreds of memorable animals you can befriend. While everyone has a villager that they hope will move in (or out) of their town, there are other recurring characters who aren’t villagers.

These non-villager characters are the ones who build shops, visit our towns periodically, or run various aspects of the game. Some have been staples of the series from the beginning while others are new faces in recent years.

Though these characters don’t have actual houses in our towns, we see many of them working daily to make our virtual homes a better place. They each have unique roles and sometimes even backstories that you get to know over the course of the game.

The characters who made this list are ranked based on their role throughout the series. There are so many great choices that narrowing down this list to only 10 was extremely difficult. Did your favorite make the cut? Let’s find out!

Honorable Mention: Resetti

resetti, animal crossing

Mr. Resetti is the cranky mole who is best known for yelling at the player when they turned off an Animal Crossing game without saving. If you did what you were supposed to and saved each time you were finished playing, you might never have encountered him.

The more often you quit the game without saving, the angrier Resetti would become. In some games, you could build the Resetti Surveillance Center, where he and his brother Don made their headquarters.

Resetti is noticeably absent from New Horizons, apparently laid off due to the new auto-save feature. It is heavily implied, though, that he runs the island rescue service since his theme song plays during a rescue.

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