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We Know Tom Nook Is Evil, Here Are 10 More Memes to Prove It

animal crossing new horizons

We Know Tom Nook Is Evil, Here Are 10 More Memes to Prove It

As soon as Animal Crossing: New Horizons crashed onto the Nintendo Switch like a tidal wave, I discovered a treasure trove of hilarious Animal Crossing memes. Specifically, memes involving everyone’s least favorite tycoon, Tom Nook.

Nook has been the face of the Animal Crossing franchise since 2001, but players and critics alike have decried him as a capitalistic jerk who likes to keep his villagers in a cycle of financial misery as vicious as it is in the real world, student loan debt notwithstanding.

Here are the memes that prove Tom Nook is an evil, evil man.

The Island Entry Fee

The whole purpose of living on an island is to kick back, relax, and get away from all of your problems back home, right? Not when you’re living under Tom Nook’s puny but powerful money-grubbing thumb.

You have to pay him every last Bell in your pocket for everything you’re doing while you’re living, working, and playing on the island — even if you named the island yourself.

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