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Top 10 Best Animal Crossing Villagers, Ranked


Top 10 Best Animal Crossing Villagers, Ranked

Of mice and men.

Ahh, Animal Crossing. That sweet little simulator that mirrors the struggles of reality; namely getting into debt, fending off cockroach infestations, and being the only one who seems to do any work. Seriously, have you ever watched Limberg for a few hours? That dude hasn’t got much going on.

One of the Animal Crossing’s most indelible features is the slew of lovable creatures that make their way into town. Some are so charming, they will worm their way into your heart and become your best pal for life. Others you can’t get rid of soon enough, leading you to attack them with bug nets, and dig holes around their house so they can’t get back inside.

Any ranking of this colorful cast is sure to raise the ire of its fans, but we’ve carefully constructed this list based on their popularity, their design, and their intangibles (i.e., which one gave us the best bribe).

10. Ribbot

Best Animal Crossing Villagers Ranked

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Already we mire ourselves in controversy – the first entry on this list isn’t even an animal! If Ribbot’s inclusion offends you somehow, simply substitute him for Cousteau, who is much the same, albeit a lot more French.

Ribbot is one of the jock villager archetypes in Animal Crossing, and as such, he loves all things sports. As an athlete, he’s a veritable machine, and will often express his excitement about the upcoming Sports Fair.

Oddly, he doesn’t seem to always participate in it despite his claims, choosing instead to lurk in the confines of his house.

He’s one of the only animals without a stereo, a sad reminder that the frivolity of music is lost on the poor automaton.

Or he can’t afford one, we’re not exactly sure.

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