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Valorant: How to Add Friends


Valorant: How to Add Friends

Like any competitive team shooter, Valorant works well enough when playing with randoms but really comes alive when you’re squaded up with your buddies. That’s when you can really get nerdy experimenting with tactics and basically experiencing the game the way it’s intended. If only adding them to your social list was more intuitive. Here’s how to add friends in Valorant.

How to Add Friends in Valorant

Adding friends in Valorant seems easy at first glance, but it actually requires two separate bits of information and the names of both seem as though they’re back to front.

To add a friend, you will require their “Riot ID” and “tagline.” One is their alias and the other is their number. And if you were thinking that the Riot ID was the number then you’d be wrong. Strangely.

How to Add Friends in Valorant

To find out your Riot ID and tagline, click the social tab and hover over your name, as highlighted above. At the bottom right you’ll see the option to add a friend. Click the correct icon (the little emblem with a plus sign, not the magnifying glass).

Time needed: 1 minute.

To sum up how to add friends in Valorant:

  1. Once you have been given a Riot ID and tagline (from a friend), click the social tab.

  2. Now click the emblem at the bottom to add a friend (not the magnifying glass).

  3. Enter the Riot ID, which is basically their username/alias. Then enter the tagline, which is the four-digit number. Hit enter.

Once you have done the above you’ll hear a pinging noise and the friend request will have been sent.

You can also hit the Enter key, as you would to bring up team chat during a game, and you’ll see a notification that either confirms the friend request was sent or explains that nobody under that name/tagline was found. It’s a good way to check everything has gone through.

That should be everything you need to know about how to add friends in Valorant. For more useful tips and guides on the game, Twinfinite has you covered. Use the search function from the home page to look up other content.

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