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Ninjala: How to Get Jala (Money) Fast

how to get Jala

Ninjala: How to Get Jala (Money) Fast

Ninjala, a new free-to-play downloadable multiplayer title, is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop and you can immediately jump into battles without even being subscribed to Switch Online. While the game does have microtransactions, it’s all cosmetics-based, which is purchased through Jala, the in-game currency. If you’re trying to customize your character with all of the cosmetics you can unlock, here’s how to get Jala (money) fast in Ninjala.

Hoe to Get Jala (Money) Fast in Ninjala

If you click over to the shopping cart icon on the main hub screen, you’ll see several options. You can go to the Jala Shop, check out the Ninjala pass, go to a specialty shop, or try your luck at the Gumball Machine.

At the Jala shop, that’s where you can purchase different amounts of Jala with real-world cash. 1,000 Jala will run you about $10 and if you’re wondering about other methods for obtaining Jala, unfortunately paying for it is the fastest and one of the only ways.

If you check out the Ninjala season pass, you can purchase it for 950 Jala and doing so will unlock extra bonus rewards whenever you reach a new level or tier. You can still get Jala rewards using the free season pass but, unfortunately, it’s not much. You get 100 Jala at rank 10 and then rank 16 but you get a ton more if you purchase the pass.

And since some outfits cost 1,000 Jala or even more than that, don’t expect to get much out of the free pass.

ninjala how to get jala

And it’s also worth mentioning that if you go to the hub and then press the Y button, you’ll be taken to your pass rewards and you can see all of the info for yourself.

You also get medals for doing well in matches, and those can be used for the Gumball Machine, which is essentially a lootbox that gives you random cosmetics.

And that’s really all you need to know about how to get Jala (money) fast in Ninjala. For even more on the game, here’s a guide that’ll help you learn how to parry and block and a story about the game reaching one million downloads.

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