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Last of Us 2: How to Kill & Sneak Past Clickers

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Last of Us 2: How to Kill & Sneak Past Clickers

The Last of Us 2 has just been released, and serves as a direct continuation of Joel and Ellie’s story since we last left them at the Jackson community town. This game takes us to the Pacific Northwest region as Ellie hunts down a mysterious group for revenge, and also reintroduces some familiar enemy types. Here’s how to kill and sneak past Clickers in The Last of Us 2.

Killing and Sneaking Past Clickers in The Last of Us 2

Clickers are probably the most iconic enemy type from the original game and they’re back with a vengeance in The Last of Us 2.

In all seriousness, though, they pretty much work the same way that they did in the first game. They’re blind, but highly sensitive to sound, and if they grab you, it’s usually an instant kill. Because of this, Clickers are one of the most dangerous enemy types in the game. But they’re also one of the easiest to deal with.

To sneak past clickers, press circle to crouch, and very lightly tilt the left stick to move around extra slowly. Doing it this way will prevent Clickers from hearing your footsteps, and you can usually get around most levels this way. Be warned, though, that you need to be careful not to get too close to a Clicker or they’ll notice you.

In The Last of Us 2, it’s also way easier to kill Clickers than before. Ellie is armed with a switchblade, which allows her to instantly kill them with a sneak attack. All you have to do is slowly crouch walk towards them (it doesn’t matter if you approach from the back, front, or side), and then press the triangle button to go in for a stealth kill.

Since there don’t seem to be any shivs in this game, you basically have an inexhaustible method of stealth killing them with Ellie’s knife.

That’s all you need to know about how to kill and sneak past Clickers in The Last of Us 2. Be sure to check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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