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10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of May 2020


10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of May 2020

Seasonal Garden Farmhouse

New Stardew Valley Mods May 2020

New Stardew Valley Mods May 2020

Starting off our best Stardew Valley mods of May 2020 list we have likely the most popular mod from last month that offers a massive redesign to the in-game farmhouse.

The mod adds a larger farmhouse featuring cabin layouts with seasonal views, a bathroom, and a small greenhouse. It also adds a rooftop garden after the second house upgrade that serves as a travel hub and additional farm.

The sprites for everything are pretty gorgeous, with lots of soft wood accents and bright green flowers.

Another mod out last month from the same creator Hesper adds new rustic interiors for buildings within the town of Stardew Valley that mimics the design of the new farmhouse.

It includes recolors of the coops, barns, slime hutch, and bathhouse as well as all the interior items and building structures used for the town interiors and spouse rooms.

Garden Village Shops Expanded

New Stardew Valley Mods May 2020

New Stardew Valley Mods May 2020

This massive mod adds a whole new location to the map of Stardew Valley.

You will now be able to visit the quaint Garden Village, which is the home of six new shops including a Florist, Diner, Bakery, Clothier, Artisanry, and Machine Shop.

Garden Village can be visited by bus, just like Calico Desert in the vanilla game. You will be able to purchase modded crops, cooking recipes, and crafting recipes within the shops on any given day.

No more scrolling through the dozens of pages in Pierre’s shop menu!

Animated Mining/Fishing Sprites

New Stardew Valley Mods May 2020

New Stardew Valley Mods May 2020

We have two mods out this past month that focus on adding new animations to items to really help them pop from mod creator Gervig91.

The first mod adds animations to mining items, like the crystals getting a shimmer in the gif seen above. There are a total of 53 new animations that are sure to make your daily trips to the mine more lively.

The second mod adds animations to the six fish offered in the extremely popular Stardew Valley Expanded mod from 2019.

This includes the Butterfish, Puppyfish, Minnow, Clownfish, Starfish, and Void Eel which all now have animations to give them a bit of life.

Medieval Retextures

New Stardew Valley Mods May 2020

New Stardew Valley Mods May 2020

Have your farm looking like it’s straight out of the medieval era with this mod offering medieval retextures of base game items.

You’ll notice a ton of exposed brick, overgrown plants, and dark oak woods designs in keeping with the aesthetic.

This mod, like the fish animation mod, is also meant to be paired with the massive Stardew Valley Expanded mod from last year.

Pet Spawn Location

New Stardew Valley Mods May 2020

Normally, if you have more than one dog or cat in Stardew Valley they spawn directly on top of each other on days when it’s not raining, and the sprites have even been known to get stuck.

This mod is a quick fix that ensures your pets won’t auto-spawn on top of each other anymore.

You can also toggle if you want to have the ability to walk through your pets as well with this mod, so you don’t have to worry about them getting in your way while farming.

Tractor Remodel

New Stardew Valley Mods May 2020

One of the most popular mods ever released for Stardew Valley with almost 700,000 downloads offers a fully functional tractor to the game for the first time.

This new mod out last month offers some customization options for that tractor. Including eight new custom colors as seen above and the option to add an exhaust pipe and cargo bed to the tractor as well.

The original tractor mod comes with a tractor garage that is built by Robin. The player must get into the tractor with seeds, a tool, or fertilizer and driving will allow you to plant, tend, or fertilize behind you at greater speeds.

Traditional Chinese Outfits

New Stardew Valley Mods May 2020

This mod offers some beautiful traditional Chinese outfits to the game for your character to wear.

It comes with three coat skirt upper coats, three Tang-style skirt upper coats, two wedding coats, seven corresponding lower skirts, four hairstyles, and three different styles of headwear.

The mod creator Kyuya258369 notes it only took them a week to make this whole mod from start to finish, which is pretty impressive.

Beautiful Korean Flowers

New Stardew Valley Mods May 2020

Spice up your garden with these colorful Korean flowers offered in a new mod out last month.

One of the most popular creations of May, this mod adds flowers for all four seasons including a Cherry Blossom Tree in spring, Garden Balsam in summer, Rose of Sharon in fall, and Winter Camellia in winter.

There are a total of three new flower trees, 15 crops, and two food recipes including Flower Pancake and Fried Black Locust.

Casual Life

New Stardew Valley Mods May 2020

This mod focuses on adjusting the in-game clock for a more casual gameplay experience.

With the mod, game day length is now 42% longer than default, passing 10 minutes every 10 seconds instead of 7 seconds. The clock will update once per second increasing the time in minutes.

You can also switch the clock to a 24 hour cycle by right clicking the quest icon as seen in the photo above.

There is also a new option that allows skull cavern time to be slowed down during multiplayer when all players in the session are present in the dungeon at the same time.

Winter Crops

New Stardew Valley Mods May 2020

Last but not least we have a very popular mod that adds new winter crops to the base game.

There are a total of seven new crops, two new flowers, and two new fruit trees that are grown in winter, as well as three new artisan goods and 10 new cooking recipes. Now you won’t have to rely solely on the greenhouse during those long winter months.

Some of the new crops include Brussel Sprouts, Iceberg Lettuce, Nettles, and Winter Squash which has its own giant crop variant.

For more Stardew Valley mods, check out our top ten best list for the previous months of April and February.

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